Parallel-7: Updates and Controversies in Gyn. Oncology & Tumor Board

11 Nov 2017
10:30 -13:00
Hall 1

Parallel-7: Updates and Controversies in Gyn. Oncology & Tumor Board

Parallel Session C

Title: Updates and Controversies in Gynaecological Oncology (Oral session)


Day: 2

Date: 11th November ,2017

Time: 10:30 am to 12:00 Pm

Venue: Hall-1

Session: 7



Professor Laila Arjuman Banu

Professor  Fouzia  Sobhan


Dr.  Farhana Kalam


Sl. Topics Name


Country Duration
1 Management of Ovarian Cancer Dr. Amita Maheswari India 20 mins
2 Significance of Lymph  Node Dissection in Gynecological Oncology Dr. K.J Moula Bangladesh 8 min
3 Clinical Presentation and Social Behavior of Ovarian Germ Cell tumor-analysis of 9 cases during six month period at BSMMU Professor Sabera khatun Bangladesh 8 min
4 Influence of Demographic and Reproductive Factors on Cervical Pre-cancer and Cancer among VIA Positive Women at Colposcopy Clinic of BSMMU Professor Ashrafun Nessa Bangladesh 8 min
5 Brachytherapy in the treatment of Gynecological and other cancer in Bangladesh Professor Syed Akram Hussain Bangladesh 8 min
6 Association of endometrial carcinoma with obesity and diabetes mellitus. Profosseor Shirin Akter Begum Bangladesh 8 mins
7 Evaluation Of The Risk Of Cervical Cancer In Relation To Serum Concentration Of Homocysteine. Professor Jannatul Ferdous Bangladesh


8 mins
8 Adjuvant hysterectomy after chemoradiation for residual disease of cancer cervix Dr. Shahana Perveen Bangladesh 8 min

Video Presentation/ Tumor Board: 1 (Gyn. Oncology)

Video Presentation:

Life surgery of   Dr. Amita Maheswari

Time-20 minutes

Tumor Board

Duration:  40 minutes


Dr. Shahana Pervin

Panel of Experts:

Dr. Amita Maheswari

Dr. K.J. Maula

Prof. Sabera Khatun

Professor Farhat Hossain

Professor Rehana pervin

Dr. A. F. M Kamal Uddin

Professor .Dr.Nazma Haque